Rockliscious Show @ the Funky Biscuit

Rockliscious Show @ the Funky Biscuit

Rockliscious Show @ the Funky Biscuit

Danielle Nicole

The star of the evening came out to a crowd that was primed and ready. It was a girls night only on the stage singing and with her bass in hand, Ms Nicole came up to remind everyone why she is so well respected. You could tell that she considers the crowd old friends and they showed her that love right back. She played her bass, sang with her swag as the crowd sang along and screamed during and between songs.  It felt more like a bunch of friends getting together and she just happened to get up on stage to blow everyone away with music, conversation and friendship.

A 2014 Blues Music Award winner, there’s not a time in her life that singer/ bassist/ songwriter Danielle Nicole (born Danielle Nicole Schnebelendoesn’t remember loving to perform. As a child, she would sing for her family at holidays and took tap, jazz and ballet lessons for many years competing in numerous events. Danielle also took band in middle school, playing the tenor saxophone and enjoying it quite a bit. Unfortunately, she was forced to quit when the family moved to Kansas City and the new school did not offer band.

Danielle comes from generations of singers. Her grandmother, Evelyn Skinner, was a big band singer. Danielle’s mother, Lisa Swedlund, taught her everything she knew while growing up and listening to all different kinds of music from the Everly Brothers to the B-52s.

It wasn’t until she was 12 that Danielle took to the stage for the first time singing, Koko Taylor’s “Never Trust a Man” at a Blues for Schools program that her parents were playing at Englewood Elementary. From then on, she knew music would be her passion for the rest of her life.

Danielle began singing in coffeehouses and at open mic events at age 14, jamming with her parents whenever she could at clubs that would allow minors. At 16, she began singing lead in her father’s band, Little Eva and the Works – until he became too sick to play. In March of 1999, she started her own band, Fresh Brew, with Kansas City music veterans Steve Gronemeyer, Steve Hicks, Chuck Payne and Terry Roney. They performed for four years and even represented Kansas City in the International Blues Challenge.

It was during this time that Danielle and her brothers Nick and Kris began talking about a family band that would eventually become Trampled Under Foot. Not only did she and Kris have to move to Philadelphia (where Nick was living), but she would have to learn the bass guitar to keep it a family band. It took a few years of lessons and saving money before that could become reality.

After several acclaimed self-released albums, Trampled Under Foot released Badlands on July 9, 2013 on Telarc, a division of Concord Music Group. Toughened by years of nonstop roadwork, Badlands revealed a musical sophistication well beyond the band’s years.

Badlands debuted at #1 on Billboard’s Blues Chart and Trampled Under Foot performed live throughout the United States and Europe in support of the album.

As Trampled Under Foot wound down after 13 years, Danielle formed her own band and now makes her Concord Records solo debut with the September, 2015 release of a New Orleans-flavored, blues-soul based album Wolf Den, featuring GRAMMY®-winning producer-guitaristAnders Osborne, Galactic’s co-founding drummer Stanton Moore and her regular keyboardist Mike “Shinetop, Jr.” Sedovic.

Abby Owens

I had never heard Ms Owens play before, but after listening to her post on the web, it was clear that she has talent. She came in sat down and just wowed the crowd. She plays the guitar with such ease and sings songs that have meaning. If you ever get the chance, do your self a favor and listen.

“Abby Owens is an incredible singer, an interesting and unpredictable songwriter, and a real sweetheart. You'll love her." – Jason Isbell

Abby Owens is a story teller of songs hailing from Indiantown, Fl. Working alongside the likes of Jason Isbell, Drivin' N Cryin', and Leon Russell, Abby's roots-style music is inspired by the south. "I like to play what I like to listen to." Abby states.
"My songs are about what I've experienced directly or indirectly."
Abby's songs, while unpredictable, weave through relatable experiences, thoughts, and emotions. Her songwriting combined with a percussive acoustic guitar style and smooth vocal makes for an engaging performance.

Cassie Ortiz

Starting off the night was young Ms Ortiz. Clearly this young lady is one of the few that goes against the grain. She knows what she wants and is working hard to reach her goals. I applaud her for her drive and I applaud her for her gifts of music. Everyone in the Funky Biscuit sat in amazement as she sang and impressed them. Singing not like a 16 year old, but as just a professional singer. Rightfully so, she already has many fans and admirers. Keep up the good work!

Bonnie Kessler Kaufman reviewed:

I first saw Cassie perform at a Young Stars showcase and was blown away by her vocal talents. I've followed her career since and am always impressed by her tone, always perfect pitch and powerhouse vocals. And as I've gotten to know her I've learned that she is a kind, sweet soul with a huge heart too! Always look forward to hearing her perform and blessed that she accepted my daughter's invite to duet recently. Can't wait to see where this dynamo is headed... to her name in lights for sure!!! :) Go Cassie!

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